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Drifter’s Guide to the Planet is a three years old flashpacking and adventure travel blog that offers advice, inspiration and invaluable information regarding destinations around the world. The first of its kind to be based in the Middle East while catering globally and receiving great interest and exposure both regionally and internationally. Its goal is to encourage both seasoned and new travelers to take the leap as they seek answers to questions such as:

What to do when in Russia?
What to pack if you’re traveling to South America for a month?
What are the best travel agencies, tours and offers out there?
What is the best travel gear for backpackers and hikers?
What are the cheapest countries to explore in Europe?
How to travel on a budget?

We’re a creative unconventional team which consists of people from multiple backgrounds such as Marketing, International Affairs & PR, Advertising, as well as Social Media Management, inspired by a nomadic traveler who has been exploring both mainstream and underground scenes of over 70 countries around the globe so far.

Partnership and Sponsorship Opportunities

Last year we decided to team up with strategic long-term partners and sponsors who share our vision, to help boost their image and add exposure to their brand, while they support, promote and help fund our upcoming adventures around the world. The partnership we seek will be based on a keen sense of adventure, working towards eventually becoming your brand Ambassadors.

So we’d like to invite you to contact us to discuss how we can help you get that extra targeted online exposure from our detailed articles, photos, social media campaigns through multiple mediums, as well as several tailor-made solutions based on your needs.

We are open to discussing various partnership and sponsorship opportunities, most of which will offer you the following benefits:

-Promotional posts and articles
-Social Media interaction and visibility
-Online Activation: contests and/or promotions on products or goods
-Visual exposure through photography
-YouTube video advertising

The Technicalities

Because we do more than just write and share articles and news, our influence extends far beyond what our analytics reflect. We are effectively building a loyal community and connecting with a niche target audience using an unconventional approach. We’re also very active on Facebook and frequently share our inspirational photos on Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+, and Instagram.

In less than one year we managed to organically reach out to a large number of readers and followers:

10000+ visitors monthly
12000+ Facebook likes
5000+ Twitter followers
31000+ Instagram followers

And counting more by the day…

So give us a shout and let’s team up!