Start a Career in China

From YCC Shanghai: Are you looking to travel to China to find work opportunities, but don’t quite know how to find them? Do you want to start an exciting international career, but don’t really know how? Do you have trouble deciding between learning a language and gaining work experience? Don’t worry, we at YCC can help you with these questions and more. 

YCC offers a wide range of Chinese classes and tutoring in Shanghai, and if you complete a full semester of one of our language programs, we will help you get a job interview. We offer language classes suited to your current level with professional teachers so you can learn Chinese in the fastest way possible, and increase your chance of professional success in China. After that, we will help arrange a job interview, we find companies which suit you based on your past experience, current interest and future career plans. A job will not only gain you work experience and a place to practice your Chinese, but can also help you create your own valuable international network. We help you with your visa, finding accommodation and other services to make your stay and experience in Shanghai as pleasant as possible. If you are interested, or have questions contact me right away at [email protected]