Teach English in South Korea

Quality Teaching in Korea is urgently looking for English Teachers for Public schools (April position 2014) in South Korea

Please send you CV to [email protected] or call us on 01202 309435 (Office)/ 07595430419(Mob)
Visit www.qualityteachingkorea.com

Contract Period
Contracts with the Korean Education Office in South Korea are for a period of 1 year. Term of Employment: one year from April 24 2014 to April 23 2015 (There will be 8days of orientation that will be funded by the office before commencing your teaching at school)

Current teaching positions: Public( State) Primary schools in Jeollanam-Do Province in South Korea

English must be your native language
Applicants must have a clear criminal check.

Salary is dependent upon experience and qualifications

An individual who fulfills one or more of the following:
1. University degree in English, English literature or English education
2. University degree (in any subject) with TESOL/CELTA/TEFL/TESL
3. Master’s degree (any subject acceptable)
4. University degree with Teaching qualification (PGCE)
Salary: 2,300,000 Won per month (approx. 1350-1400 per month with free accommodation)

If you commence a new contract following your first year of employment you will be given 2,000,000 Won (approximately 1,100).
In the case of renewal of this Contract, the employee shall be given one week paid leave (inclusive of weekends and national holidays)
The employee will have 120 (per month) of pay increase in the second year contract.

Working Hours
Working hours are from 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday and actual teaching hours are usually 22 hours a week, although there are opportunities to work and be paid for overtime.

One class lasts 40 minutes in primary schools, 45 -50 in secondary schools.

Accommodation (free furnished studio flat)
In addition to your monthly salary an allowance is also provided to cover the cost of accommodation that will usually be a furnished studio flat or furnished single bedroom house. Although the cost of accommodation is covered, teachers will be responsible for paying utility bills.

Leave (Paid leave / Sick leave / Special leave)
During the year employees are entitled to 32 days paid leave ( inclusive weekends and national holidays)per year, during the summer holiday 8 days leave can be taken and 24 days during the winter holiday. (It is flexible to use more days in summer holiday taken from winter holiday)

During the year employees are entitled to a maximum of 11 days paid sick leave.

Seven (7) calendar days for the employee’s marriage (paid leave)
Seven (5-7) calendar days for in family bereavement (paid leave)
Ninety (90) calendar days for a maternity leave.(60 days- paid leave, 30 days -unpaid leave)

Allowance/ Benefits
(Including free accommodation and free air tickets (both ways)
When you arrive in South Korea you will be given a ‘settlement fee’ of 1,300,000 Won (Approximately 780) which will cover the cost of the flight ticket to South Korea.

Upon completion of your contract you will receive the same amount to cover the cost of a return flight.

In addition to this settlement fee you will be provided an ‘Entrance allowance’ of approximately 170.

British employees are eligible for exemption from Korean income tax during the first 2 years if they provide ‘residence certificate’ (HM revenue provides this certificate).

Also, the employer will provide 50% of the cost of the employee’s health insurance premium, including that of the employee’s spouse or children’s policies. (employer 2.82% employee 2.82%)

Employees working in rural areas will be entitled to a ‘rural allowance’ of 120 per month.

If employees work in more than one school employees will be entitled to a further allowance of between 60- 90 per month.

The employee shall be entitled to severance pay, upon successful completion of the final contract with the concerned employer. It is like a bonus and the amount will be around one months salary

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