1st period : July 6 – July 30, 2014
2nd period : August 6 – August 30, 2014

Volunteer project:After the successful experience in the last years, international volunteers are once again invited in different Moroccan cities to organize English / French / Spanish courses for children and youth aged from 10 to 18 with less educational opportunities. This Workcamp consist at the reinforcement of languages capacities of children and young with few opportunities.In this Operation we will try to gather both Moroccan and International volunteers.

The volunteers will work five days each week and get two free days,it can be the weekend They will teach one or two of languages(English-French-Spanish).All the volunteers will work approximately five hours each day.

It’s good to take with you some pedagogical supports to use while you are teaching.
We will send to all volunteers an info sheet about the program once they final their inscription.
The courses aim to:
– give the opportunity to young people who have never been in touch or who are in their first or second year of learning a foreign language, to discover it and/or to overcome the difficulties they have in this language.
– try to connect those children with friends from abroad to communicate and correspond between themselves in English / French / Spanish as a tool to promote their foreign language knowledge and level, and establish new friendships.
Language:English or French
Accommodation:The participants will stay in a youth centre, some volunteers will be in charge of meals.The volunteers will required to take with them some special menu from your country and drinking to present during the international party .
Location: Casablanca is city in western Morocco, located on the Atlantic Ocean. It is also the Biggest city in the Maghreb region.Casablanca is well kniwn by beaches,monuments and its old Medina with various nice handcrafted
Fees :100 € per Period
Right now we have a long-term and shor-term projects in Morocco, which is quite popular. You can look at our website to investigate our other projects:http://csmfida.wix.com/home
For more Information contact us : [email protected]